Why I started Maker 37


The story of Maker 37 starts with a self-taught guy working out of his garage and learning the ropes of wood-turning.

Maker 37 Woodshop

In the beginning, I was a wood-turner. I didn't know how to use an iPhone, make a website, talk to a manufacturer, have art designs created, etc. I tripped a bit, moving from turning bowls and vessels, ornaments, hair pins, honey stirrers, etc. to hand-turning, hand-sanding and hand-painting crochet hooks – which was the impetus of what Maker 37 would become. 

Maker 37 wood crochet hooks

Imagine someone walking around in the dark and trying to find their way.  Move toward the mouth of the cave; things become brighter. Walk outside of the cave and see the world in full view.  Maker 37 is the evolutionary expression of that cave journey.

What's the story behind the name, Maker "37"?

We’re not into numerology but we wanted a number. Just a preference. We like the way they look.  But what number? Randomly we looked up “37”. Wow! It was ours!

37 is a do-it-yourself kind of number.
It's a highly independent and creative number.
37 enjoys finding and exploring entirely new things, ideas, locations, and methods.
37 is independent. It goes about things in its own way, regardless what convention may be.
(From www.affinitynumerology.com)
Scott also loved it because we are all human makers. 37 is the average temperature of the human body in Celsius. This signifies that though we are all unique, we are the same.
Humans have been working fiber for so long it is lost to record. The first fishing net, made from willow, dates back to 8300 B.C. There is a connection between the tools we use and our past. I think this is easy to forget. The memory of this keeps me grounded.

What is the Maker 37 mission?
I love the fiber arts tribe. They are creative, artsy and unique. I want to continue honoring the work they do and the people they are.  Making handcrafted crochet hooks and offering other cool stuff – different, unique things – to the fiberistas of the world to help them be inspired and expressive - because there is "Honor in the Making."  This is Maker 37. 
I'm excited to see how this turns out.  I look forward to the new artists and creatives I will meet along the way.  If you have any fresh ideas, contact me.
Enjoy your journey.
Maker 37 founder

Scott, lead maker and curator at Maker 37