maker 37 wood crochet hook
maker 37 wood crochet hook
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g+crochet hook

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4.5mm/g+ crochet hook 

Length: 6 1/2"

Max Diameter.75"

Made in the U.S.A.

Birdseye Maple is a type of figure that occurs within hard maple. It has a distinctive pattern that resembles tiny, swirling eyes disrupting the smooth lines of grain. It is somewhat reminiscent of a burl, but it is quite different: the small knots that make the burl are missing, which is a good thing for crochet hooks.

Hand-turned painted and finished.

All hooks are handcrafted, so there are natural variations in wood and design.

The ergonomic shape of the hooks is easier on the hands and wrists than the typically machined hook. These hooks are "form and function," but they are also "heart and soul." 

Ergonomic: If you are feeling discomfort crocheting with a straight hook, try a beautiful ergonomic hook. 

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